Matthew Chase Levy
Welcome to my webpage!
I am the Founder and General Partner of AE Blue Capital, an advanced energy fund.
Here is me with my beautiful wife, Debbie, who is an associate professor of Aerospace and Aeronautics (AA) and Electrical Engineering (EE) at Stanford University and researches materials for extreme environments.
My time in Oxford
Getting married
Interview on the New York Stock Exchange about AI, fusion, energy security, and national security
Watch on FintechTV: Unleashing the earth's energy and bringing sustainability in finance
Our Foundation — The Francon Foundation
Together with Debbie and my mother, Joanie, we formed the Francon Foundation in 2023. It is named for Ayn Rand's Dominique Francon, the most beautiful woman in the world.
Our mission is to support positive-impact initiatives that energize future leaders and elevate human dignity.
More coming soon
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